Realisations for dance

Stage 1 Plaits will 3m long, movement will be very free, dancers trying to work independently of each other, almost oblivious to their constraints. Occasionally they take note of each other and go into brief duets but one is eventually more willful and breaks away. This stage will contain the most dynamic movement.

Stage 2 Plaits will be 1.50m long. Movement is obviously not as free due to restriction nor as independent with about 50% of stage now spent in a kind of duet. Attempts to continue to move independently are almost violent with dancers dragging each other and forcing their movement with the force of their heads.

Stage 3 Plaits will be 70cm long. Movement is very restricted and there is no opportunity to work independently. This stage is a duet with the dancers trying to work with each other.

Stage 4 Plaits will be 30cm long. Movement is awkward and limited. Dancers are more or less rooted to the spot trying to work with arms and legs. Their movement is a mirror of each others, an attempt to duet that eventually leads to a collapse.