congestion charged

congestion charged
Congestion Charged (22.27)
Catalogue number:ne cd 0.04
Format:cdr 50 copies hand made packaging by brown sierra polythene and polystyrene cover
Live recording made at Middlesex University on the 17.10.02
Adapted electronics, Electro magnetics, tape manipulation.
The sound is constructed with a series of simple sequenced pulses, bleeping and clicks, created with homemade electronics, using machines, motors, smoke and burglar alarms, buzzers and other alert devices. Fragmented signals develop and become slightly denser. As the piece progresses, clicks, pulses, short tones and cut ups burst in, on, off, leaving plenty of space to silence. A clean sterile sound that slowly and subtly changes, breaking down and eventually cutting out
The general feel is 60ís academic style electronica, where as disparate unnatural sounds work in the space that was previously silence. Using generous amounts of alarms or sounds of that nature. As the piece progresses it becomes fuller and slightly more intense, but still manages to keep an unemotional atmosphere. Highly recommended.
Cheeses international