health hazard

health hazard
Health Hazard (14.46)
Limited edition of 13

This is the fourth release on National Express by performance artists brownsierra, Pia Gambardella & Paddy Collins. The cd is a 14 minute EP. release date 11.07.03. Five tracks which seamlessly run into each other.

The original idea for the single came from the sounds made by the electronic monitors in hospital wards as heard by a person in trauma, slipping in and out of consciousness.

Brown Sierra have developed equipment that comes from larger installation work. On this recording we have used a variety of test electronics, sine tone generators, home made devices. alarm clocks, rape alarms, and motors.
Begins with large alert sound, fast pulsing, alarming, a powerful heavy wabble that runs in conjunction with a high pitched bleep, the pulse is heavy, throbbing, it gradually slows down, converting to a deep drone, a feeling of falling, spiralling down into confused memories, A dysfunctional musical box, you cannot recall the tune. A simple clean ringing ping, the sound fluctuating but barely changing, becomes unvaried, intense, and relentless. Geoffrey Simpkins